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How to Get Ahead of This Crazy Spring Market

Here’s why the best time for Central Texas buyers and sellers to act is now.

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2021 has started off with a roar as politics and the pandemic continue to rock the nation. Here in Central Texas, we had a wild ride with winter weather—something I’ve never seen before. On top of all that, the demand for Central Texas homes is off the charts. As a result, prices keep rising, and we’re seeing bidding wars across the board.

Despite these extremes, the number of homes listed on the market continues to increase at a normal pace for the season—there are just a lot more buyers out there. As we get closer to the end of spring when school gets out, families will decide that they want to list their houses for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they’re looking for a new job or new schools for their children. For the past couple of months, homeowners have been preparing to put their properties on the market. Come late March and early April, they’ll be ready to list; May will definitely be a busy month.

If you’re thinking about selling soon, right now is the best time to list with an agent. You’ll want to be prepared to take advantage of this market when it begins to hit its full stride. Home prices in Austin have gone up by roughly 20% from last year, and that’s because the opportunities in this city are drawing national attention. Let us help you leverage this demand and find the home that you want to be in for the long term, whether it’s inside or outside of Austin.

“You’ll want to be prepared to take advantage of this market when it begins to hit its full stride.”

If you’re a buyer out there who knows they can’t compete with a lot of the all-cash offers or massive down payments we’re seeing, remember: We have our great Buy With Cash program. We’re committed to putting together tools that can help our clients find their dream homes. To do that in this fast-paced environment, we have to get a little bit creative. Central Texas has the best real estate market in the country; you need to capitalize on it before prices go even higher.

As always, reach out if you need any help buying, selling, or investing here in the Central Texas market. Just give us a call or send an email; we’d love to connect with you and demonstrate our abilities as a trusted real estate resource.

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