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How Can You Maximize Your Home’s Equity?

Here’s how can you get the most equity out of your home when you sell it.

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All homeowners look at their house and think it’s the most wonderful property on the market. However, homebuyers have to look at several homes and cross-reference them against their ideal house. So to get the most from their sales, sellers need to think of their homes as a product they’re selling. Here’s how can you turn your home into something you can sell for the most money possible:

1. Repaint. You may love the yellow color in your guest room or the unicorn paintings in your daughter’s room, but buyers coming into your home need to see a blank slate that matches their lifestyle. Paint over unusual colors with a more neutral palette. Whites, creams, grays, and the like can go a long way in helping buyers to imagine themselves living there. Paint also covers up scuffs and scrapes that happen over time.

2. Floors. Floors can convey a lot to buyers about how well you’ve cared for the home. You should both depersonalize and clean your flooring and carpets. If you have scrapes on your wood flooring, get it redone. Make it look as close to new as possible.

“To get the most from their sales, sellers need to
think of their homes as a product they’re selling.”

3. Lighting and cleanliness. Make sure all your lightbulbs work and are consistent in color. Also, make sure your home is generally clean; if you need to hire cleaners to come through, do so. Buyers perceive messes as off-putting.

Outside, if you have dead grass and plants, clean them up. Spruce up your landscaping to look as neat and clean as possible. A dull, dead yard will only make buyers think of all the work they’d have to do to make the house look nice.

If you need any more tips and tricks to help you sell your home for more money, reach out to us. We can set up a staging consultation to help you make a plan to get your home in the best condition for the market.

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